The pioneer of safe cultivation

Safe Harvest was established to fulfil the demand for safer food that is accessible to all.

Though consumers are increasingly aware of the dangers of eating chemical-laden food, safe or organic choices are still seen as premium products and lifestyle image enhancers. Most are priced beyond the reach of middle income families.

On the other side, small and marginal farmers are being driven out of business by the typical high cost, high risk methods of cultivation.This started with the Green Revolution, which erased food dependency, but brought in high-yielding, modified crops, and chemicals-driven agriculture. This led to farmers going into debt to afford seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. They also started losing their own health gradually, due to constant exposure to harmful chemicals.

We started Safe Harvest to change this, crop by crop, field by field, home by home.

We achieve this by managing the chain from farms to kitchens. We source directly from small farmers through Farmer Producer Organisations that promote Non-Pesticide Management (NPM) and safe practices. A stringent process of testing, cleaning and storing ensure that our products come in contact with zero chemicals at any point in the journey to your kitchen.

Through this holistic approach, Safe Harvest has bettered the economic gains of farmers while offering a healthier choice to consumers. Making a positive and sustainable difference to the world around us.

From her farm, to your kitchen

How we created the chain of goodness


We procure from a network of small and marginal farmers across 10 states in India. These crops are grown following strict Non Pesticide Management (NPM) methods. No synthetic or chemical pesticides, or GM seeds are used.

Aggregation by FPO

We co-ordinate with Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) who aggregate produce from individual farms at their collection centres.

Tested for Pesticides

Once the harvest produce is collected, random samples are tested for pesticide residue. If any residue is found, the entire lot is rejected.


If the produce passes the residue tests, we collect it directly from the FPO centres. Our farmers save on transport costs and travel time to the nearest Mandis to sell the produce.

Value Addition

At the Safe Harvest facilities, the produce undergoes minimal processing like grading, dehusking and grinding, all of which are carried out in pesticide-free mills.

The milled products are tested again for pesticide residue.

Cold storage

If products pass the residue tests, they are kept in cold storage, so they retain their freshness and nutrient levels.

Cocoon storage

3-10 before they are to be packed, the products are shifted to cocoon storage. This airtight means of storage, gets rid of unwanted pests and increases the shelf life of the grains, by reducing oxygen levels to less than 5%.

Machine Cleaning

Post cocoon storage, our products are machine cleaned to remove dust, stones and any other alien material, in our ISO - 22000 certified processing hub.


Only then are they packed and sent to retail points across India.


From pesticide-free farms, after rigorous testing and meticulous cleaning, safe, nutrient-rich Safe Harvest products make their way to your plate!