Safe harvest


Safe harvest

From farm
to kitchen

Safe harvest

Tested for 120+
Chemical residues

Safe harvest
Minimally Processed,
Nutrition rich products

Our products

Enjoy the wholesome taste and nutrition of a safe harvest!

A chain of goodness

Safe harvest
Samples taken from each lot
for testing
Safe harvest
Samples sent
to certified laboratories
Safe harvest

Residue Limit
tests done against each
of the 127 pesticides

Safe harvest
Once samples pass the test,
we procure,
pack and sell

The pesticide-free movement

Pesticide-free farming benefits consumers, cultivators and Mother Nature.

Safer crop
Higher returns

Pesticide-free and non GMO-seed
methods of agriculture lower the
cost of 
farming by avoiding
expensive chemicals and keep the
soil richer for better
Our farmers save more and earn more.

Safer food
Better Health

The food you buy is free of
harmful pesticide residue and
retains its
original nutrition and
goodness. Clean, healthy &
affordable all the way.

Safer cultivation
Happier Environment

By using natural pest repellents
and working with the cycle of
nature, we stop the degradation of
soil and give back to Mother Earth!

What customers say

I am grateful that I can give my
body the nutrients it

– Anu, Bangalore

Natural food Groundnut online
I don’t know why, but the dal is so delicious and so unlike anything I have tried before.

– Mallika, Bangalore

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