Jaggery Atta Halwa

Cooking time- 15 minutes.

Serves- 1-2 people.


¾ cup or 150 gms of whole wheat atta.

3 teaspoons plus ¼ th cup of ghee.

½ a cup of jaggery.

½ cup water.

A few pinches of cardamom powder.

Assorted roasted nuts (optional).


Heat a pan with two teaspoons of ghee and gently roast the whole wheat flour for a minute.Once it is done, add 1/4th cup of ghee and keep cooking till it changes color.It will take about 5-10 minutes.Now keep this aside. Heat another pan with ½ cup water and add the jaggery to it, keep stirring till it is completely dissolved.Now add this syrup to the warm atta mixture and cook this on low flame till the mixture is thickened and fully cooked. Now add the cardamom and mix it.Add another teaspoon of ghee and blend well. You may garnish with roasted dry fruits and nuts if needed.


  • Ensure that the raw smell of the atta is completely eliminated before you add the ghee and cook the atta.

The amount of water will depend on the quality of jaggery and hence ensure the consistency and measures are maintained accordingly

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