Ragi Chilla

Cooking time- 20 minutes.

Serves- 1-2 people.


1 cup ragi flour

½ a cup wheat flour

½ a cup oats

½ a cup curd

2-3 cups of water

Chopped vegetables -onion, capsicum -1 cup

Chilli powder- 1 teaspoon

Chopped chillis a few.

Oil/butter about 200 ml

Salt to taste


In a mixing bowl, add the ragi flour, and then the wheat flour and oats. Now add the curd and mix this well. Add the 2 cups of water and keep on mixing to ensure that the batter is smooth and without lumps. Add the chopped vegetables. Mix it in the batter. Add the salt, spices, and green chillis and mix. Now take a pan or a flat skillet, heat it, apply oil, and spread uniformly. Heap a ladle full of batter and spread evenly like a pancake, allow it to cook on one side, and then flip. Add oil/butter to grease if needed. Serve hot with chutney or ketchup.


  • Ensure that the batter is smooth and free-flowing, and adjust the water accordingly.
  • Experiment with different kinds of vegetables and greens in the batter.
  • Do not allow the batter to rest.


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