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Safe Harvest Private Limited is India’s 1st organization to market Non Pesticide Food Products under the NPM logo ZERO.

Safe Harvest was born out of a belief that if rightly promoted and supported, Indian farmers are willing to grow food through Non Pesticide Management (NPM) farming techniques. Safe Harvest is actively engaged with small and marginal farmers across India, through NGO and Farmer Producer Organizations and brings best quality non pesticide food staples, directly from farmers to consumers. Safe Harvest ensures ZERO use of pesticides from production till consumption, through standards developed by NPMi (Non Pesticide Management Initiative)

Thus, Safe Harvest delivers its promise of access to premium quality, safe food at affordable prices to all consumers.

Safe for all

Ssafe harvest prouducts are safe for you and your family, the farmer and his family. It is safe for the soil,ecosystem and the environment.

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Affordable pricing

Safe harvest is the only safe food brand priced keeping the indian consumer in mind, as our partners work directly with the producers.

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Premium quality

Our products are minimally processed. They are of the finest quality sourced from locations where they belong. You need to taste,

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