7 Smart and healthy meals that are anything but boring!

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Healthy Food

Your daily diet can be made exciting, something to look forward to, and certainly does not have to be a grim reminder of your waistline. All it needs is some quick thinking on the feet and a little bit of planning.

Pause and assess the so-called clean and healthy meals you have been consuming every day. This exercise will help you understand your relationship with food.

Did you know that your everyday meal must be made up of at least one protein, a carbohydrate, and good fats? The greater the protein content, the more full you will feel.

Consuming more starch, will help in being full for a shorter duration, and bang! Your hunger pangs are back. Some carbohydrates are indeed healthier than the others such as those in whole grains and vegetables. More colorful vegetables on your plate mean a lot of micronutrients vitamins and antioxidants. The added benefit? Glowing skin and lustrous hair. Healthy fats in your meals can come from olive oil and dried fruits and nuts. And now

7 smart and simple food combinations you can eat every day:

  1. Your regular vegetable salad can be easily spruced by adding a dash of olive oil, and some chat masala. Chat masala works well with fruit salad also. Hold off the sugar or salt. Instead, substitute using honey or pink salt. Load your salads with a lot of nuts for the added crunch. Hardly boring is it not?
  2. Eggs in different ways. Boil them, fry them (in a little olive oil), and bake them. Eggs are super versatile and can play just different roles on your plate and palate! Are you a vegetarian? Switch to tofu or paneer.
  3. Breakfast smoothies are a full meal by themselves. Just a ripe banana and a dollop of peanut butter blended is packed with protein and leaves you full for longer.
  4. Switch to millets. Millets are a wonderful source of carbohydrates that break down slowly and can be a direct substitute for any starch in your diet. Try to include one every day.
  5. Peanuts, Kabuli, black chana, lobia, or black-eyed peas can be soaked and pressure cooked and turned into tasty chats, salads, or even a curry-based side dish. They can be combined with any starch or consumed as a wholesome healthy meal in itself.
  6. Jaggery-based desserts work wonders to kill your sugar craving. Mix and match dry fruits and nuts and dish them out as chikkis and energy bars.
  7. Oat meals and multi-grain porridges are filling breakfast meals, that work very with any kind of fruits or nuts.

Try and include a lot of leafy greens in your diet for that is essential for a healthy bowel movement. Stock up on different spices such as oriental, continental, and Indian so that your meals do not become monotonous. Get creative and do not hesitate to experiment! Work on making smart healthy meals. It is easy.


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