7 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

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“Hippocrates the father of medicine famously quoted, “Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food”.

The famous quote emphasizes on importance of healthy food and how nutrients present in what we consume has healing properties. But of course, it is always easier said, or probably read, than done. Healthy eating positively impacts our body, and our mind too. If you find yourself a few pounds heavier, you become lethargic, you lose the will to exercise and the craving to binge-eat seems more uncontrollable than ever.

It is but a fact that the holiday season is the hardest time to stick to healthy-eating. You are forced to indulge and eat well, desperately willing your mind to ignore the consequences.

How about using the power of your own mind to follow a healthy diet? 

  1. Plan ahead : work on a holiday food planning guide with the right holiday food planner, you can still enjoy holiday treats and yet not gain additional weight. Work up your mind first, distribute heavy meal consumption times through various days. If you are cooking for guests, pick healthy ingredients from the supermarket and plan your menu ahead.
  2. Resist Impulse : BuysIt seems like there is no better time for impulse buying than during the holidays! The smart thing to do? Visit the mall or the supermarket only when in dire need of something. Still want to step out? Finish your meal and step out with a health-conscious pal.
  3. Be picky with junk-food! Cutting down junk food during the holidays completely can be a herculean task. Cannot say no to a fried snack or a baked goodie? Don’t. Help yourself to a small portion, take small bites without killing the spirit of this season. Remember to burn these calories out the same day.
  4. Drink More Water : Water is the elixir of a healthy bowel system. Since this is a particular dry season in most parts of the world; your body will need more water during the holidays. Target intake of at least 3 liters of water per day!
  5. Never Skip Meals : You are likely to  end up consuming double the quantity of food to “reward” yourself for skipping a meal. The purpose of letting go of a meal hence gets dissolved. Instead help yourself to a lighter one.
  6. Eat a Wide Variety of Food : Imagining gorging on all those regular delicacies ahead of festivities? Don’t! For by the time the festival arrives, your psyche is already all worked up to wolf them down. Prepare your mind to eating a balanced diet in the holidays. Your stomach will be full with a variety of healthy food before you know it!
  7. Get Plenty of Sleep : Late night parties can cause sleep deprivation during the holidays. Get your precious forty winks during the day. Copious sleep facilitates faster digestion, settles your stomach and keeps unnecessary food cravings at bay.

The holiday season is more about having a positive mind, having fun and spreading cheer while listening to your body the whole time. After all, of what use is a new beginning, if you nurture guilt from your indulgences?

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