Busting bizarre food myths that people believe over healthy eating!

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Thanks to the advent of all mediums of expression, everybody today, is a self-professed health guru! One too many absurd food myths are doing the rounds in discussions on healthy eating and weight management. Eating right needs to be consistent and a daily exercise that does not need to be influenced by any of the following common food myths-

Myth #1 : Eating late is not a healthy food habit as it makes one gain weight.

Well, eating a heavy meal and immediately going to bed is a definite no-no. The logic is simple, once you lie down the blood circulation to the digestive system dips and this causes late digestion and improper absorption of nutrients. An ideal dinner time is at least three hours before bedtime. Now whether it is after 7 p.m, or not depends on when you go to sleep is it not?

Myth #2: Eating more carbs will increase body weight.

Carbohydrates are one of the three main essential building blocks, also known as macronutrients that make up all food. Protein and fat are the other two. Carbs are broken into sugars, starch, and dietary fiber. While sugar intake needs to be limited the other categories play a critical role in our health.

Myth #3: You can eat whatever you want and still lose weight, as long as you "work it all out"!

Weight gain or loss is a combination of factors such as calorie intake, BMR (Basal Metabolism Rate and RMR (Resting Metabolism Rate), and physical activity such as exercise. To lose weight an individual needs to follow a calorie deficit diet followed by his/her daily routine. Now the math of all of it needs to be accomplished with a healthy and observing his/her metabolism rates and nutritional needs.

Myth #4: Portion control is a healthy food habit.

Well, it most certainly is. But one entire portion of such fats or starch will not do the trick. Consuming fewer calories per meal needs to be a well-thought-out exercise while being mindful of nutrients that go into the plate. Small portions of frequent eating will also dissolve the purpose of weight loss right?

Myth #5: If you skip breakfast, you'll lose weight because it's not technically a meal.

This has to be the most absurd food myth. Breakfast replenishes the body with glucose, boosts energy, and provides all other essential nutrients needs for good health. Eat a big breakfast, but watch what goes in.

Myth #6: Treat yourself to a cheat meal once a week to make up for "bad" days of eating healthy food throughout the week (and vice versa).

Eating healthy food needs to be a choice made by an individual, it is no punishment, is it? Making smart meal plans, every day (mind you this can include fried foods too) while keeping a tab on overall calorie intake is a smarter way to remain fit is it not?

Myth #7: You can lose a lot of weight by cutting out sugar.

Did you know that removing sugar completely from the diet also means removing fruits, certain vegetables, and milk/curd intake? There is no real healthy alternative to sugars. In fact; World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that sugar needs to be at least 5% of your daily calorie intake.

Sensible eating and educated decisions are those that can actually debunk these baseless health-related myths. What works for one individual might not work for another. Following a good diet is a culmination of many factors, certainly, food myths have no role in that.

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