Health Benefits of pulses you cannot ignore. Say hello to the powerhouses of Iron.

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Yawning away on a crisp new morning? Does your usually shiny skin look pale all of a sudden? The chances are that you are anemic and might need an additional dose of iron supplements. Well, it is one of the most common deficiencies with research suggesting that almost 80 percent of people have it the world over especially women. Luckily it is the easiest to fix too. A generous dose of including pulses in your diet could be a good start!

Did you know that the white bean has the richest content of iron among pulses? A cup of white beans serves up to 6 mg. Half a cup serving of lentils contains 3.30 mg.

The benefit of consuming pulses does not stop here.

Pulses can form a part of all your meals easily- Here is how.

  • They are healthy, filling, and nutrient-rich.

Pulses and beans are high in protein, and low in fat, and due to the presence of a lot of fiber, they keep you full for a longer time too. A diet rich in pulses is a great way to eat less unhealthy saturated fat, manage your weight and keep your digestive system healthy. Pulses are also a very rich source of many vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium.

  • Pulses are friendly on the pocket as well as sustainable for the environment.

Pulses are easy to cultivate, do not require the addition of nitrogen-based fertilizers that usually harm the soil, and very less water. They help farmers adopt crop rotation, in the process making the occupation more profitable. Hence they become automatically pocket-friendly.

  • Chemical-free pulses can do wonders for your body.

Organic pulses are of a higher quality and are packed with vitamins and minerals as they do not have any chemical additives that may interfere with these nutrients. The pulses taste better and be healthier when organically grown without pesticide use and the presence of high antioxidants gives you a better taste and flavor.

  • Make sure to soak your pulses overnight.

Washing and soaking lentils enhance digestion and nutrition absorption as they can neutralize lectins and phytates present that can cause gas and bloating. Soaking lentils increase the mineral absorption rate of the body. An enzyme called phytase is activated when the dal soak and this helps in breaking down phytic acid and helps in binding calcium, iron, and zinc. This makes the absorption process much easier. Soaking also activates a compound called amylase that breaks down complex starch in lentils that help in easy digestion.

You may soak and sprout legumes and beans (part of the pulse family) and include them along with fresh vegetables for a snack or a lunch salad. You can include in your lunch menu any kind of cuisine and well, as a thin dinner soup as well! As versatile as any meal with pulses and packed with a host of benefits- mostly importantly iron.

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