“New year, new me” not working well? Stop failing.

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“A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, that’s very important for good health”- Dalai Lama.

A month into the new year, and you realize that you have already failed in keeping up with the resolution of fit and healthy? Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not a choice but a compulsion today; you know this, you resolve with a new year resolution. Yet you slack. Now how do you move forward? This can be hard, but not utopian.

Understand that all of it begins with the power of your mind. Be smart, understand your strengths, and weaknesses, your lifestyle, and most importantly your relationship with food. The determination to succeed needs to be reinforced right from day one. You will soon find yourself becoming focussed and moving forward till a subconscious habit takes over.

Let us discuss this with a small example. Say on day 1, on New Year’s, you allow yourself a generous helping of dessert after lunch to indulge, you do it and feel satiated. Now, the next day reduce the portion of indulging and quickly over a week cut it to zero. No, you do not have to run the other side or feel depressed at the sight of your favorite dessert, you simply control the amount that goes in. Trick your brain into feeling pampered. Understanding what works for you is step one to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

More on why you fail your new year resolution

1.Not realizing the time and effort it takes to achieve something

Most of us make health-related new year resolutions for the heck of it, or after witnessing a brief threat to our health. Knowing the sacrifices, the adjustments, and the effort to slowly get towards your goal must be given a long thought. Further, you cannot drop weight or suddenly become fit- it takes time and patience

2.Not believing in yourself

Some of us are quick to make decisions and quicker to get past them, few of us simply dismiss making a resolution thinking that it is not for us. Stop a minute and justify that thought. You will soon realize that mostly there is nothing more to it than having a lazy attitude. Make a change to that mindset first. All of us are capable enough to move mountains.

3.Not enjoying what you are doing

The majority of the time this applies to the habit of exercise. Well, to food too. How many of us enjoy a brisk walk or jog outdoors? How many times have you registered for a gym, paid up, and felt lazy to make it? Choose what you like, experiment with different kinds of exercise, healthy diets discover what you will not get tired of, and stick to it.

4.Prioritize your health along with other choices

Alter your eating habits and exercise to ensure that your health does not take a beating. Do you work late hours? Carry dinner and healthy snacks. Once in a week walk or cycle to work

5.Losing confidence over failure

Even if you slip multiple times, ensure that you get back to where you started. The more sensible thing to do is to note down these slips up and check if there is a pattern and alter your strategy. Remember again that your mind plays a significant role in all this. Understand your mind and play to its strengths.


Do you feel like not doing something on a particular day? Do you want to indulge in starch once and not make yourself a healthy salad? Do you want to skip your workout? Lower your limit. Do not tell yourself you will start again tomorrow. Have a small helping of rice along with your regular veggie diet. Reduce your workout time for the day. Do not stop, remember that you need to move forward, or at least pause a bit. It is still better than going back.

Now, what are the steps you need to take to succeed with your new year’s resolution?

Super simple three-step process-

  • Know yourself in and out, understand your personality. Invest time in that first.
  • Revise your health goals, choose to take it slower than giving it up altogether if it comes to it. It’s never too late!
  • Reduce your dependency on others and do not allow external factors to influence you. Cook your meals, manage your time well and take time out to be physically fit.

Remember that a well-begun battle is half-done, but not won! Win over your mind first, half the battle is won right there. Compete against yourself, record your wins and losses. Track your progress. The journey to staying healthy and happy is long; even when you reach your destination it takes an effort to stay there.

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