Snack Smart! 9 healthy snacks that will make you feel guilty and more satiated.

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Let us begin this discussion with an event that most of us are likely to encounter or have encountered already. A late lazy Sunday lunch, binge-watching television for a good two or three hours and no intention to move from the couch. Your heart hovers around the ice cream that lies in the freezer. You have the urge to finish up that tub of goodness. You do it. What happens next? You feel super guilty about this indulgence in such a calorie-rich snack.

Bodyweight spiraling out of control as a result of hogging junk food has become the norm with most of us now, particularly when life is mostly happening indoors. How do you battle this? As we discussed in the other blog, mind control is step one. How do you snap out? Remember this-

  1. Quit making excuses and being lazy to fix your own snack
  2. Healthy snacks can be tasty, find out your mix and match combination
  3. Is it not easier to fight off a craving instead of battling weight issues later?

Remember this too- Balancing weight while still wanting to eat all your favorites is not hard. There are umpteen low-calorie, tasty and healthy snacks that you can still consume.

What are your options? How can you stop eating junk food?

  1.  Yogurt with nutsA bowl of protein and nutrient-rich perfect snack is ideal as a late-noon or mid-morning snack. It doesn’t even need seasoning! Ensure you use thick fresh homemade curd and a combination of savory crisp nuts.
  2.  Granola bars – This is just what you need after a rigorous workout in the morning or for days when you have to skip your breakfast. It has a combination of all minerals and nutrients that gives you instant energy. There are way too many easy-to-make at-home recipes to make them at home.
  3. Roasted chickpeas or peanuts– Soak chickpeas/peanuts overnight, boil well include some finely chopped veggies to make a yummy licious salad! You may also dry roast them, store them for a long while, and munch as and when you feel like it. Keep a jar of peanut butter handy, it combines well with snacks as a dip, a spoonful or two can go into a smoothie or on toast or rotis too!
  4. Fruit smoothies – Now this will ensure you never crave ice cream ever again! Chop up big chunks of different fruits, freeze them, add a dash of honey or soaked dates, milk and whip up a nutritious fresh smoothie. The best breakfast in a bottle!
  5. Sweet and spicy nuts assorted – Make a trip to the grocers on a weekend, pick out a variety of locally available nuts, do not forget to include seeds of pumpkin, melon, flax, and chia. Dry roast each of them slowly and patiently. Add a dash of pink salt and sugar. Another super-snack is ready!
  6.  Avocado and hummus – These make for excellent salad dips. Be careful when you buy an avocado, ensure you pick ripe ones. Avocados are rich in healthy fat, absolutely versatile can be used in smoothies, salads, and even on toast! Hummus is mashed boiled chickpeas seasoned mildly, a Mediterranean delicacy. A rich source of protein.
  7. Hard-boiled eggs – How can one forget, good old boiled eggs! Consume whole eggs, yellow and white to keep you full for a longer time. You can include them in a salad for lunch, consumption for breakfast, or even as a snack. Play around with seasonings so that you don’t get tired of eating them. Ideal to have 2 daily.
  8. Sweet potato and green bean chips – Sweet potatoes are ideal to tackle your starch cravings. They are packed with fiber and a host of other nutrients and actively help in enhancing metabolism. Green bean chips are higher in protein and fiber compared to corn and have fewer calories. Bake them to a crisp and there you go!

Did you notice that most of these healthy snacks listed are rich in protein? It is because protein takes a longer time to burn hence you are left feeling full for a longer time. A high protein diet reduces hunger pangs and helps you consume lesser calories. A high intake of protein improves the function of weight-regulating hormones in our body. Replacing junk with healthy snacks is critical in the journey of weight -loss. Nurturing the right eating habits is not all that hard; you just have to invest some time, positive energy and stay resilient. Your body and mind will soon adapt.

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