The magical, mystical and delirious adventure of following a healthy natural diet.

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“You are what you eat” is not just a proverbial statement brought up in discussions of healthy eating. It is the very essence of how an individual can start a sustainable eating routine that propels him or her towards their health goals. A diet is merely the sum of all constituents of food that goes into various meals of the day. The healthier it is -I e the more natural and pesticide-free food one consumes the better it gets.

Do not get started right away on counting calories per meal. Carrying around a calorie calculator before meal times can be disheartening and with time, something that can hurt healthy eating.

  1. Contemplate how to start a healthy lifestyle overall, not merely a diet.

We all deserve a fulfilling life first. Consuming natural pesticide-free nutrient-rich food lifts one’s spirits and motivates the individual to embrace healthy eating for life. Controlling how much goes in will have to follow.

  1. It’s not just about eating healthy, it’s about living healthy.

Never associate every meal with the right calorific requirement of a person. Chemical-free natural food increases the quality of what is consumed and guarantees good health in the long run. Focus on quality over quantity first.

  1. Learn to love your body and give it what it deserves.

Take a good long look at the mirror every morning and tell yourself that you are unique and special. Additional weight can be dropped, and belly fat or arm fat can be dealt with-provided you have a positive mind.

  1. Determine to fix nutritious meals and take charge of your diet one meal at a time.

Now, what is nutritious? Simple. Refrain from preservative-loaded packaged food and ensure your grocery shopping involves only organic pesticide-free food grains. Cold-pressed oils, millets, and organic jaggery over refined oil, rice, and sugar. This translates to more wholesome meals. Put your mind to just that one meal at a given time.

  1. Make your healthy meals fun and adventurous.

There is no end to playing around with fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables. Be it a salad, juice, or smoothie. You can get started with one kind every morning. Do you love your spices? Whip up a healthy bhel or crunchy channa/peanut chat salad too during tea time. Kindle your creative streak a little.

Remember that weight management and stepping into healthy eating habits is a journey in life. One that needs to be flexible and sensibly executed one day after another. Understand your erstwhile lifestyle well, consider all factors, and introduce an exercise form into your daily routine too. If you do feel the need to indulge on an odd day, do it but in moderation. Making a dietary change is a mental exercise first, reaffirming an optimistic mindset is critical to positively impact your lifestyle. Stay in control, understand what will work for you, and then plan. Above everything, work on yourself with an open accommodating mind. Your body will listen to you.


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