What are the benefits of pesticide-free products in Children’s food?

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We all can agree with the fact that nutrition is of utmost importance in the growth journey of a child. Nutrition that they receive as a child is going to stay with them as an adult and will determine their cognition, mental ability, physical strength and a lot more aspects of their life. Children’s health is a major metric in affecting their growth as a kid. And children who fall sick often see compromise in their weight and height at the growing age, which is not a happy picture for any parent.

Studies have shown that synthesized pesticides can hamper a child’s IQ as early as in the womb. The best food for children’s growth are the ones free of any chemicals, pesticides and the ones with nutrition grown naturally and without any aid of chemical processing.

With the increase in use of chemicals in farming, pesticides and chemicals go undetected in our food without the realization of how harmful they can be for our children.

Here are some of the benefits of using pesticide-free products in children’s food

1.Nutritional value

It has been proven and well researched that the nutritional value of chemical – free food and produce that is grown free from pesticides and chemicals is of higher nutritional value. The choice of products that are used to make children’s food every day can make an immense difference to the nutrition they receive and can ensure they enjoy concrete physical and mental growth.


By inculcating the habit of using pesticide-free products in children from a young age, parents are making them aware of conscious consumerism and raising kids that can make well-informed decisions. This also creates curiosity and inquisitiveness among kids as they grow and as they try to understand where their food is coming from and what it contains.

3.Closer to nature

Giving kids food that is free of pesticides is not merely a food practice but is considered developing a bond with environment. These kids generally feel closer to nature and have a thorough understanding of what food is right for them and wrong for them as they grow up..

4. Wider variety of products

You will be astonished to know that pesticide-free category have a wider range of food products. As manufacturers of these value-added products are concerned about the health of their patrons, they tend to use health alternatives and bring out new and innovative products. Replacement of sugar with jaggery, millets instead of rice and several such alternatives are giving birth to indigenous recipes and products.

A lot of kids these days are facing the threat of obesity and weight gain due to their lifestyle and stress at school. The phase can be quite daunting for both the children and parents. For those parents who wish to inculcate healthy practices in their children, their efforts start at the choice of their food.

Choose healthy food and give your children the choice to live a healthy life. You can buy a range of pesticide – free products from safeharvest.co.in

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