Simple tips to keep away the flu- a healthy dose of exercise and a good diet helps.

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keep away the flu

As much as the monsoon seems like a respite from the sweltering heat; it is a season of all
kinds of infections. Sniffling noses, relentless coughing, and general overall fatigue can be a
downer in the family. The flu season is predictable most of the time, year after year, so a
little bit of preparedness will not hurt, will it? Little things matter, beginning from drinking a
lot of warm or hot water. Washing your hands and feet after every visit outside the house.
Steam inhalation when you sense a slightly scratchy throat.

Let us go through more of what you can do to prevent falling sick.

Consume organic and pesticide-free food as much as possible-

Flu season or not, this is highly recommended. It is essential to pay close attention to the food we consume, and the water and air intake that happens. Clean water, air, and food grains help build overall immunity.

 Eat right, think right, and feel right –

Your body is your temple, sounds cliché? It is the truth, it houses you and you better ensure it is nurtured well. Do not dump your stomach with oily snacks in the name of enjoying the weather outside. You can still munch on a healthy salad and feel good. It is also what you eat that makes you feel good. Think happy thoughts, and nurture a positive attitude at all times.

Strike a balance between your mental and physical state-

Start by being mindful. Find a healthy diet that suits you and stick to it, and throw in some variety and colors in your meals. Watch your portions. Follow the same rule for your mind. Indulge in a variety of activities, consume positive content and keep supportive relationships. Do not obsess over weight, size, and looks beyond a point. More than anything, never panic at the sign of falling sick or hearing about it.

Exercise and enjoy doing it-

Never take up something that does not excite you. Pick a physical activity that you enjoy participating in and something that can easily become a habit. What is important is you need to be consistent and get better at it. Never allow your mind to slack. Listen to your body and progress. Exercise is for all seasons, summer, spring, and winter. Flu season or not. Regular exercise benefits the body and mind both.

 Stock up and have home remedies handy-

Spices and condiments like ginger, clove, and ajwain (carrom seeds) provide relief from cough and cold. They are safe and can be quickly boiled in water and consumed as a tea. In case you have caught an infection, rest up, consume a lot of hot soup and drink a lot of fresh water (preferably hot).

One only can gradually build good health and stamina to help fight minor infections, it does not happen overnight. Nutritious food prepared from organic food grains, plenty of exercise, and hydration are three important aspects of an overall healthy lifestyle. Following a regimen will make fighting the flu effortless.

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